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TTRPG Character Creation Resources

Who do you want to be?


One of the most exciting things about playing D&D is that you have the power to be WHOEVER you want. But, as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility and it can be tough to decide on a character.


So, how can you come up with the best character for you? First, let's do some brainstorming to find a good fit. After that, we'll work on finding the perfect name, designing a great look, and creating an interesting backstory.  Check out the files for resources. The Powerpoint file is editable, in case you'd like to customize your pages.


Happy creating!

Setting Creation Resources

Would you like to create your own adventure?


Another fun thing about D&D is writing your own campaign. But where to begin? I always start by choosing a setting, and then go from there. So, how about you. Where would you like your adventure to take place? In a swamp? An ancient keep? An enchanted forest? The choice is yours.


So, how can you choose the best setting for your campaign? And once you've chosen your setting, how can best describe it to your players? These resources will help you get started!


Happy creating!

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